Postcard Feedback

For: Lily Greenwald


I like the quote placement in terms of composition, but for both "Bears. Beats. Battle Star Galactica." images, the text's readability suffers slightly and would benefit from more contrast with the background. Possible solutions could include different placement, text color, or a solid color background for the quote. It's also worth checking to make sure that the other quotes will contrast sufficiently with the characters' faces to ensure the readibility isn't affected by text's background changing when the picture gets resized.

The image choices are well done; I haven't seen The Office so I'm not sure if the pictures are from the specific moments in the show where the quotes were said, but they definitely seem fitting with the tone of each one.

The aesthetic is consistent with itself, although not necessarily related to the concept - but tying an aesthetic to this concept seems difficult in the first place so that's understandable.


The visual priority appears to be on the characters' faces, and specifically, their facial expressions. I like this structural choice.

The foreground is the characters and quotes, with the background being all other elements; this is more apparent in Michael and Jim's quotes than in Creed's, although the demarcation is clear in Creed's as well.

The design appears to accomodate variability in browser width; the only concern I have, as mentioned earlier, is whether the text will contrast sufficiently over all background colors in the image as it resizes.

Technical Challenges

The images are mostly presented with sufficient resolution, although the larger rectangular images for Michael and Jim are visibly compressed.

The elements should transfer to the browser environment as intended.

Building this seems feasible.