1. Name: Rohit Kumar; Major: CS; Year: Junior
  2. I took CSE 330S (Rapid Prototype Development and Creative Programming) last semester, which taught me web development in a variety of frameworks/languages (PHP, JS, node, python + flask). It was a good experience and I'm a confident/strong programmer (although primarily w/ backend languages) but all my websites were very ugly, so hopefully taking this website will help me make websites that are less ugly.
  3. See above
  4. I don't know how to use Bootstrap and would like to learn it. More importantly, I'd like to be able to adopt a design-oriented perspective/process and have a better idea of how to build websites in an aesthetically pleasing/effectively designed manner.
  5. Designing for screen has an interactive component that needs to be considered, while designing for paper generally doesn't
  6. I think Streamable (https://streamable.com/) is an effectively designed website. The interface is very minimalist and uncluttered but still intuitive to use, and there are no unnecessary delays or wasted clicks.
  7. Medium (https://medium.com/) communicates information in a way that I find effective; there's a good balance between text and images, and it feels like space is effectively used.
  8. Netflix (https://netflix.com/) is effectively designed in the sense that it caters to two completely use cases - browsing vs. searching a specific movie/show - in a very efficient manner. The search bar and personal queue are easily accessible from the front page for the latter use case, while the rest of the website allows users to quickly narrow down the catalog based on genre/category and "window shop" for content. Hovering over icons shows a description and helpful information like % match, duration, # of seasons, etc.